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5 Foods That Kill Your Metabolism

2. Canola Oil.

This oil has been considered “healthy” because it does contain some omega-3 acids. But in order to make Canola Oil look nice and clear (which helps it sell) it has been refined beyond belief. This process can create some incredibly unhealthy trans-fats, which can damage your heart. When you dump this oil and replace it with healthier fats and oils, you’ll have more energy.

3. Whole Grains.

This is a biggie. As one of our friends in the food industry likes to say “whole grains are the biggest con I have seen since the filtered cigarette.” The reason for this strong language is that “Whole Grains” basically don’t exist in the food you eat! Yes they contain some extra nutrients, but grains need to be processed in SOME way to make bread and pasta. Any time a grain is ground down and you eat it, the starch gets converted to sugar.

This sets off the process where your insulin spikes and your body goes into fat storage mode.

4. Corn.

I absolutely love that Jonny put Corn on this list of foods, because we have been telling people to pull corn out of their diet for a couple years now. The Magic Fridge Recipe guide features no corn at all, and The PEERtrainer Cheat System moves you away from all of these dangerous foods at your own pace.

There are several big reasons why corn should be taken out of the diet. First is that 85% of corn is genetically modified. This is a controversial area, but we are seeing more and more evidence that indicates people need to take this threat seriously.

Second, most corn that has been consumed has been processed and stripped of most vitamins and minerals. Third and most importantly, corn is very high glycemic, which spikes your blood sugar leading to a metabolic disaster.

The every now and then piece of corn on the cob is fine, and some local organic fresh corn in the summer is fantastic. Other than this, stay away from corn as well as you can. Corn is also one of the 7 foods that people remove for 7 days in the Fresh Start Cleanse, and many people respond really well to this.

Updated: January 10, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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