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13 Healthy Weight Loss Snacks

4. Mixed Berry Ice Pops

Frozen fruit treats help dessert stay tasty while still being healthy and good for you. There’s no extra sugars added. Natural sugar is fine in proportion – it’s the artificial stuff that is always a no.

5. Smoothies

They’re multipurpose – after the gym, a snack, breakfast on the run. You blend up all sorts of nutrients to still taste like dessert!

6. Healthy Deviled Eggs

Protein will help you stay full, so chow down on some deviled eggs that use alternatives to mayo! They make the best snack or side.

7. Spicy Yogurt Dip & Veggies

The words “healthy alternatives” will become you new pal when you see how many delicious foods you can replace with them! Nothing beats a savory dip, and when it’s made with a yogurt base you’ll get a spicy, healthy accompaniment with your vegetables.

8. Gazpacho

Try this liquid version of a salad, or salsa as some call it, with kale chips, veggies, or low-fat pita chips!

9. Apples

Grab an apple on your way out the door. With tons of fiber, vitamin C and potassium you can’t lose with this delicious fruit. Dip it in almond butter and your snacking habits will be changed forever!

Updated: January 11, 2016 — 5:41 pm

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