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13 Healthy Weight Loss Snacks

10. Raspberries

Raspberries are another fruit loaded with vitamins and fiber, plus they help lower cholesterol. Throw them in oatmeal, yogurt or a smoothie and you’re good to go!

11. Cheesy Lemon Pepper Dip

This super easy dip is lemon pepper-spiced cottage cheese! The perfect dip for carrots.

12.Veggies with Almond Butter

Almond butter will keep you full for hours, so combine it with vegetables as a dip and you will get nutrients and satisfaction, all in one stop.

13. Sesame Squares

This delicious treat will keep you dreaming about it all day. Chill it in the fridge hours before eating.

For More Energy

Cut out crash-and-burn bites. If you’re looking for foods to power you through workouts and long hours on the job, skip starchy, low-fiber fixes (cookies, pretzels, and so on). “For longer-lasting energy, eat a mix of protein, carbs, and fat, which don’t pass through the digestive system as quickly,” says Leslie Bonci, RD, director of sports medicine in the nutrition program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Some suggestions: trail mix (made with nuts, cereal, and dried fruit), peanut butter on rye crisps, or a whole wheat pita topped with low-fat cheese.


Updated: January 11, 2016 — 5:41 pm

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