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How To Apply Coconut Oil On Your Hair


Alternative Uses Of Coconut Oil:

For Routine Hair Care. Add coconut oil to your daily hair care regimen. Your hair will display added shine, volume and a major boost in healthy growth. The overall health and strength of your hair will improve.

For Hair Growth. The proteins and nutrients found in natural coconut oil provide a big boost in promoting healthy hair growth and development. Apply the oil frequently for best results. You can leave it in your hair overnight or wash it out after a few hours. Rinse your hair with a mild, chemical free shampoo to ensure there is no excess oil left behind that can make hair appear greasy.

For Conditioning. A consistently dry scalp generally means there is a lack of moisture in your hair follicles. To remedy this you can use coconut oil as a conditioning treatment to restore moisture. Rub the oil either with your palm or finger tips into the scalp and roots of your hair for a soothing and conditioning effect. You can also make an oil mixture for this. Combine coconut oil, geranium oil and rosemary oil for added conditioning results. Also, make sure you stay properly hydrated!


For Dandruff. Warm some coconut oil over low heat for a few minutes. Make sure it is not too hot and that you can touch it and rub it on your hands comfortably. Massage it all over your scalp making sure to pay attention to areas with the most trouble. Leave the oil to set for some time and then rinse with a mild but good anti-dandruff shampoo. You can also mix lemon juice and coconut oil together and rub it into your scalp before bed. Wash it out the next morning and practice this about once a week for continued dandruff free hair.

For Damaged Hair. Coconut oil can nurture and repair even harshly damaged hair. Heat from products such as blow dryers, straightening irons or curling irons and chemicals from hair dye, shampoos and styling products cause hair to lose much needed proteins that keeps hair strong. Damaged hair is often brittle and dry due to a loss of natural hair proteins. Coconut oil contains these hair proteins and can provide complete nutrition to the hair follicles to make up for the proteins they have lost. Make the oil slightly warm and apply into the scalp and hair, working from the top down to the bottom. Leave the oil for about an hour then rinse gently with an herbal shampoo. You want to be sure it is a shampoo that does not have the harsh irritants that caused the damage to your hair in the first place.


Updated: January 22, 2016 — 12:52 pm

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