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How To Strengthen Your Hair Without Heat

how to straighten hair without heat overnight
The fourth method you can adopt to blow dry your hairs is to dry it on cool dryer. If you have a hair dryer, you can do this. Simply set the dryer to its coldest setting and dry your hairs section by section until you finish drying all. You will discover that your hairs would be straight when they are all dried.


You should know, however, that the blow dry cool method takes a longer time since you are not applying heat to the dryer. This means that you have to exercise patient. You can speed the drying process by sitting close to a fan.

The last method you can implement to blow dry your hair is the hairs style it. You can do this by applying anti frizz serum to your dry hairs to make them smooth, glossy, and straight. If you want the hairs to appear wavy, you can put a braid or a bun to it.

Updated: January 27, 2016 — 12:24 pm

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