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How To Strengthen Your Hair Without Heat

The second brushing method you can use to straighten your hairs is towel drying it. Make sure that you squeeze the hair and dry it using a soft towel. Continue to dry it with the towel until it damps.

The third brushing technique is the use of anti frizz serum. The quantity of substance you can use depends on the size of your hairs. Make sure that you distribute it evenly. This will prevent both frizz and volume. If you do not have an anti freezing serum, you can apply a straightening serum. However, you should not use products that could promote curls and waves.


Fourthly, you can straighten your hair staying at warm and dry places. If you stand in the sun, rays from the sun would not only dry your hairs, they would help to straighten it as well. You can stay in warm places during the wet seasons.

how to straighten hair without heat naturally
Fifthly, you can straighten your hairs using a flat brush. Apply long strokes to different parts of hairs starting from the root, brush until it is dry. You should exercise patient with this method, because it could take several minutes to be concluded.

Updated: January 27, 2016 — 12:24 pm

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