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How To Strengthen Your Hair Without Heat

Finally, you can style your hairs using anti frizz product to straighten it. Your hairs must be dried before you apply the products.
Rolling Hair Technique

If want to know how to straighten hair without heat fast, you can try the rolling technique. There are different methods of rolling your hairs to achieve a good result. Here are some of the rolling methods you can use:

●Conditioning and washing
●Rolling in curlers

●Appling setting foam and lotion
●Drying your hairs
●Removing your hairs away from curlers

You can use a conditioner and shampoo produced specifically for hair straightening. Dry it until it stops dripping.

Secondly, you can roll the hairs in curlers. The best curler you can use for this purpose is the magnetic curlers. Ensure that the rows are uniform; this will make the hairs to flow in the same direction.

Updated: January 27, 2016 — 12:24 pm

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