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How To Strengthen Your Hair Without Heat

Thirdly, you can apply foam and lotion on your hairs. This is good because your hairs would dry fast without frizzing. Do not leave behind anything that could curl the hairs.

Fourthly, you can just allow you hairs to dry. You can blow it to help it dry fast. If you like, you can use your hair dryer for this purpose but it must be set at cold setting. You have to allow an hour for the thing to dry well.

Permanent Hair Technique

If you are looking for how to straighten hair without heat naturally and permanently, you can try the permanent hair straightening method. You can use chemical for this purpose. There is no different between chemical straightening and a perm. This last for a very long time, this is why it is regarded as a permanent hair straightening method. It will last until the hairs are grown out.


This is not recommended for people with color treated hair. It could damage such hairs. It requires high maintenance; you need to maintain it very often, especially when it is grown out.

Things You Need

Here are Important Items You Need:

●Wide toothed comb
●Leave-in conditioner
●As well as bows and ribbons


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