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Foods That Ruin Your Weight Loss Efforts

Can’t imagine cutting back on protein after your sweat session? Reallocate your daily protein intake so you’re not eating as much of the nutrient during other times of the day. Although this isn’t ideal, it’s necessary if you insist of loading up on post-pump protein and you don’t want to gain weight. Men should aim for a total of 56 grams of the nutrient a day, while ladies only need about 46 grams.


To lose weight you need to cut back on calories, and nixing meat doesn’t ensure that will happen. In fact, while many of the vegetarians you know may be fit and slim, newbies sometimes gain weight because they are unaware of the hidden calories in meat-free go-tos like cheese and pasta.

Yikes! Plus, without careful planning cutting out meat can greatly decrease the amount of protein you’ll get from your diet, which can increase the odds of breaking down that lean muscle that revs metabolism and wards off weight gain.

Want to nix meat anyway? You’ll need a solid plan of attack. Focus on replacing the majority of your meat with nutrient-dense, protein-packed fare like eggs, milk, vegan protein powder, yogurt and beans–not just pasta and cheese. Better yet, simply cut back on meat instead of axing it all together. Animal proteins should take up no more than a quarter of your plate at each meal, while the remaining space should be filled with 50 percent fruits and vegetables and 25 percent with whole grains.


Updated: February 5, 2016 — 1:18 pm

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